Basketball court Tulas


(Synthetic Court)

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Students at Tula’s International are coached by professional trainers to teach them the intricacies of basketball. Our outdoor basketball synthetic 8-layered court has been approved by the International Basketball Association (IBA) and provides the following benefits to our students:

  • Outstanding shock absorption – Efficient joint and cartilage protection
  • Optimal vertical deformation – Advanced comfort, reduces risk of physical injuries
  • Optimal traction coefficient – A perfectly balanced grip and slip, reduces the risk of slips and trips
  • Environment friendly – free of solvents and heavy metals

At this Dehradun top school, we have introduced a rigorous training system that challenges players to maximize their abilities through comprehensive basketball-specific strength, flexibility, movement, agility, and speed training while seamlessly integrating on-court basketball skill instruction.

We, at TIS, provide a unique opportunity for the student athlete to become part of an environment of elite athletic training. Our programs enable students to have a great school experience while they continue to train like a professional with world class infrastructure which has been approved by IBA. We ensure your grades stay on track so you can gain admission into some of the top colleges in the country.