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Streams Offered

Students must choose one of the three streams – Science, Commerce or Humanities. English is the compulsory subject and while some other subjects are the elective subjects. The students are required to select elective subjects as per the stream. TIS provides a wide range of options for the students of grade 11.


The Compulsory subjects in Science stream are English, Physics, Chemistry, Biology (or/and) Mathematics
(If you choose Biology and Mathematics then you have one Optional subject from below).
You have two Optional subjects to choose from below (for PCM or PCB).
The Optional subjects are:

  • Painting
  • Physical Education
  • Economics / Computer Science / Psychology (any One)


The Compulsory subjects in the Commerce stream are English, Economics, Accountancy and Business Studies.
You have two Optional subjects to choose from below:

  • Mathematics / Marketing (any One)
  • Psychology
  • Painting
  • Physical Education / Informatics Practices / Computer Science (any One)


The Compulsory subjects in the Humanity stream are English, History, Political Science.
You need to select one more Compulsory subject out of Geography / Psychology / Economics (any one).
You have two Optional subjects to choose from below.

  • Mathematics / Marketing (any One)
  • Physical Education / Informative Practices (any One)
  • Painting
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