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    is safe with us. Don’t worry!

    We feel elated to see how our students have not lost touch with their creative skills and taken to practice even when they’re away. Take a glimpse of the beautiful sketches drawn by Abdullah Asim. Keep up the good work!!

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    Student Care and education

    Our little Picasso, Mahi Jain is full of talent and passion. Her love for art is never ending. Lockdown has given her ample time to sketch and paint.

    We are proud of our students and we can’t wait for you to come back and paint your creativity on the canvass. Until then, keep practising and enhancing your skill.

  • Fulltime

    Student Care and education

    Our students have unlocked a creative side of themselves in these tough times. Most of them have found a new hobby. Some are cooking, some are gardening while some are painting and drawing.
    Take a look at the two beautiful artworks by our students Mahi Jain – Class XI .

Quarantine by enhancing their skills

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