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Top 7 Ways How Online Education is Innovative For Students

The emergence of an online education system by the best boarding school in Dehradun is transforming the traditional education system. The sudden switch which has taken place is not limited to private schools but has also several government schools too.  By looking at the current pandemic, the only positive thing that has taken place is that the schools and colleges are becoming technologically advanced. There is no doubt that both the students and teachers have had to make bigger adjustments as learning has always been in the traditional style i.e. in the classrooms.

Moreover, in India, a lot of students and teachers are not well equipped with technology devices to avail online learning. The adoption of technology in education has led to the revolutionary transformation from teacher-centric education towards student-centric education. Online education along with several e-learning tools are helping to continue and enhance the engagement between the teacher and students. Moving forward, online classrooms are making everything possible from parent-teachers meeting to staff/management meetings thus offering the required interactivity.

With tech-driven learning, the education system has become more transparent and unbiased. Online education needs a balanced coordination so that it can be implemented successfully with the availability of basic resources like network connectivity, internet availability and affordability of online systems including PCs, laptops, software, etc. Nonetheless, we can’t deny the fact that in such extreme situations, this pandemic has only fastened up the adoption of technology by Dehradun Boarding School to make quality education accessible to everyone.

There are several opportunities to do things differently in online education that allow educators to really put the middle age model of teaching and learning well behind and ensuring that social learning is understandable and innovative throughout. Below mentioned are some of the ways that define how online learning is becoming innovative for students.

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1. More personalized tutoring by boarding schools at Dehradun:

When any student fails to understand any lesson or subject, it can sometimes be a challenge to make sure they catch up. The classrooms size of some of the schools is also big which leads to distraction among children. Sometimes even parents may have a hard time teaching the new standards expected of young children. Thus, online learning is now filling the gap and with this the students can even avoid the shame and embarrassment of asking for excess assistance in front of their peers without sacrificing their grades and achievements.

2. Quick learning with computer/mobile:

Online education has helped to set the perfect pace for every student to learn. Individualized attention online allows students to move on at their own rate. With so much to learn, it’s nearly impossible to incorporate every taught lesson while setting the perfect pace. Quick learners need to stay engaged while at the same slow-paced learners can’t be behind. With the number of students increasing, the perfect pace is an elusive concept in classrooms.

3. Availability of resources:

Online education has helped students in accessing abundant study materials. Students can access the study material provided by the best boarding school in Dehradun for as many times as they want. Parents can also help their children in case of any queries or doubts related to their curriculum at home.

4. Online capability-based learning:

Online education has allowed competency-based learning for the students that help them in attaining transferable skills and competencies. Such type of education is learner-focused and not dependent on any other factor. The important aspect is that every student has a different learning style and level of engagement. The online education by Dehradun Boarding School offers flexibility and the ability for students to enhance capability learning. The major focus here is on developing the skills, knowledge, and behavior of the students with strategic objectives.
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5. Trackable Learning:

With online classes, teachers can easily track students’ performance and learning ability. In online mode, the data of each and every student is individually and is also tracked online. While digital devices enable teachers to easily track students with online education, the same cannot be when having face-to-face learning. The systematic online software provides comprehensive reports about every student’s performance and progress. This helps the teachers to take online classes which are based on the learning patterns of students.

6. Reduced Distractions:

Another great thing about online classes is that assessment is an ongoing process. There is student engagement as there is no distraction from peers. The students are away from the competition and dominant students which increases their involvement in asking doubts and initiating an interaction with the teachers.

7. Independent Learning by boarding schools at Dehradun:

Online education gives students the freedom to learn at their own pace, on their own time, and in their own space. It also gives students a chance to define their own strategies for balancing education. Online education gives students independence and freedom to manage their time as well as schedule their responsibilities. Online education both requires and helps students to develop their time management skills, study skills, and personal discipline skills.