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Tula’s International School which is recognized as one of the top boarding schools in India believes that co-curricular activities are at par with education for a student’s overall development. These co-curricular activities help in inculcating several sides such as innovative, dynamic and positive thinking into a student’s personality.

The school persistently aims to make the students’ stay at the school delightful by engaging them into various interesting activities, besides academics. At Tula’s, the students are bucked up to participate in several indoor and outdoor games, which not only help them to stay fit and energetic but also instil in them the spirit of healthy competition. Well- pictured club activities such as painting, photography, theatre, music, debate, write-ups for the school magazine, and much more help in providing the students with recognition for socialization, self-identification, and self-assessment. The school also holds several excursions and picnics for the students that help them to develop recreational, social and disciplinary values. All these activities help in shaping the overall personality of a student.

Children become scared when they hear the word Boarding School. Being a responsible parent, one should know which school is right for your child, a boarding school or a day school.

One of the important decisions that one makes as a parent is that of the right school for their child. The top girls boarding school India, Tula’s understands the situation of parents that it is difficult to send their beloved children away from them so that their child can get a good education. But if one wants his/her child to excel in every walk of life be it education or any other field, then we suggest that you should choose a boarding school and not a day school.

Below mentioned are some of the advantages of a boarding school:

1. Boarding school helps on the overall development of the student. The students tend to become more responsible because they have to take care of all the responsibilities on their own. The students who have been to a boarding school are usually more responsible and disciplined than the ones who have not been to one. They know how to take care of themselves and during the whole process, they also learn decision making.

2. Any boarding campus makes sure that the students are engaged in an educational atmosphere where learning is the key to all activities. It’s an exceptional setting that advances common daily life experience, kinship, companionship, trust and trustworthiness amongst the entire group that stays with them.

3. When a child spends time in a diverse environment that includes people from different cultures, backgrounds, lifestyles, and gender, his/her way of thinking becomes wider. They begin to understand the complex web of social and professional interactions and relationships and learn to accept and work in uniformity.

4. Boarding school provides structured student life experience which inculcates scholastic excellence, co-curriculum tasks, and several sports. Boarding school thus teaches the students to work as a team, to socialize with others and many other experiences of life which are harder to learn by staying at home.

Tula’s International School offers its students a place where they learn to attain all their educational objectives and ambitions. The school consistently tops the list of not just the top girl’s school India but also the top CBSE schools in Dehradun.

The school is situated in the foothills of the magnificent Himalayas and is spread across the green fields of Dehradun. Tula’s International School aims to give a chance of higher education to the students. A technical and management college by the name Tula’s Institute is a top engineering and management Institute in Uttarakhand today.

The school offers its students with a world-class education and thus one needs no other reason to get their wards enrolled in this institution. Tula’s has world-class teaching which is tailored to make the students future-ready.

Following the pan India syllabus and a common structure for education, Tula’s International School is affiliated with CBSE which keeps pace with transforming educational reforms and a swiftly evolving environment.

The faculty of top girls school India Tula’s is one of its remarkable strengths. The school has expertise compared to the other top schools of Dehradun. The teachers of Tula’s come from different parts of the country. They are trained from time to time to recognize each student’s skill sets and teach in a manner that improves their use of multiple intelligences.

The main aim of the school is to guide the students to recognize their full potential and become sole learners who are aware of their obligations towards themselves, others well as the nation.

Engrossing your ward in learning and growing atmosphere will mean that while your child has a considerable segment of the day dedicated to learning academic subjects, he/she also has an added portion of the day which is solely devoted to several extracurricular activities. We at top boarding schools in India cautiously monitor your child’s interests and hidden talent and encourage them to follow their interests and talents.

We at Tula’s provide an environment that is always nurturing your child’s physical, emotional and mental growth.
It is wrong to think that boarding schools are for those students who are troublesome and notorious. In today’s time, 87the boarding school has all types of students who come from different societies. The students studying at a boarding school outshines in studies because they get a proper atmosphere to study.

And thus at the top girls boarding school India, we can proudly say that a boarding school is the best option to make your child an all-rounder as it is the need of the young generation