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Boarding school in Dehradun
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Tula's International School

Best Boarding School in Dehradun



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Top Boarding School in India

Top Boarding School in India

Tula’s International School, the Top Boarding School in India is a co-educational fully boarding school guided by an educational philosophy that promotes the overall development of a student by blending academics, athletics and creative achievements. The school aims at offering opportunities for leadership and moulds its students into confident individuals who are ready to take challenges in every phase of life. With an in-depth understanding of students’ needs and small class sizes, we provide a high quality, personalised learning experience, covering academic, linguistic and cultural education.‘The Modern Gurukul’ is committed towards providing a safe and secure environment where students enjoy learning along with instilling other life skills. Tula’s International School has a pursuit to develop responsible global citizens by following a curriculum and principles based on student-centric learning and to impart world-class education to encourage academic excellence, physical fitness, mental and spiritual well-being, social awareness and concern for our environment, in each and every student, through our own systems and practices. The school offers an exceptional life-enhancing experience thus providing them with the skills and confidence they need to require to stand out and outshine.

The Best Boarding School in India imparts quality knowledge to its students. In the present scenario, parents are opting for the best of international boarding schools for their children because these schools have replaced the traditional methods and concepts of education which helps students in imparting unique and successful horizons. At TIS, we have the highest ambitions for all our students. The school teaches the students that with hard work and application, anything is possible. We challenge, motivate and vitalise our students and prepare them for the future. Tula’s is proud to be a family school wherein everybody holds a strong culture of kindness. Here, the students are expected to show respect and kindness to one another. We insist on good behaviour and high moral standards at all times. We are committed towards fostering an atmosphere where children are happy, inquisitive, confident and secure.

The outstanding education that the 5th Best Boarding School in North India offers is encapsulated by the following factors that we consider are very important.

1. Wellbeing of students- We believe that a happy child is a prolific child and so the Best Girls boarding school in India understands the significance of our children being liberal to be themselves. All of this is achieved through a culture of kindness and respect within the school community.

2. Academic excellence and innovation- The school imparts an innovative education approach that extends the students in several ways. We aim to inspire a lifelong love towards learning. The teachers at TIS use inspirational techniques to enable the students to reach their own individual potential.

3. Value for Sports at Top Boarding School in India- Sports at Tula’s International School is not just about competition but also about building friendships, developing character and more importantly about participation. The exposure of students towards winning and losing, playing as a member of a team and respecting officials and the opposition are all part of establishing individual character. We encourage and motivate our students to develop the quality of good sportsmanship at Tula’s.

Best Girls boarding school in Dehradun

4. Music, Arts and Drama- Art, Music and Drama help students to showcase their innate talent with utmost confidence. Several opportunities for creativity are offered at the school which brings out the best in students thus resulting in growing confidence and enjoyment.

5. Instilling life skills- We persuade our students to develop their ability to think thus resulting in a more flexible approach towards learning. Maximising individual capability at Best Boarding School in India is key to a successful education and so stimulating a child’s ability to be more adaptable in their thinking further improves their success both in and out of the classroom.

6. International tie-ups and foreign languages- International collaborations with top universities and schools is very crucial in the current era. Thus the school has several academic collaborations which help students to gain knowledge. They are also provided with the right exposure and experience about the education and culture of the foreign country. Foreign exchange programs let students travel, work and study internationally. The school also offers students to learn German and French language in school.

7. Outdoor Education- The school doesn’t just limit the education of the students to the classroom. At the Best Girls boarding school in India, we like to send our students out of the confines of the classroom to develop their learning. With so much to be discovered both within our lush green campus and during a wide range of trips and excursions nationally and internationally, the students are offered with a handful of opportunities

8. Moral and Cultural Values- TIS being the top international boarding school has students joining in from different religions and different corners of the world. This one thing teaches them to integrate and learn new culture and traditions. The school plays a crucial role by inculcating the moral, ethical, and cultural values into the students which helps them to mix up with each other properly.