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Boarding school in Dehradun
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Tula's International School

Best Boarding School in Dehradun



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Top Girls Boarding school in Uttarakhand


Tula’s International School which is recognized as the top boarding school in Uttarakhand has inculcated the gurukul system with its proficiency in the elegance, simplicity, and culture along with the latest techniques and culture assisting the students to excel in technologies that run the world today.

The school intends to work towards the overall development of the students not only academically, but by also involving them into other co-curricular activities. We have designed a schedule which has been composed keeping in mind the day-to-day activities of the students. We at Tula’s, consider that every child is significant and that each child has to be provided the utmost care.

Tula’s International School known to be the top girls school in Uttarakhand is spread over acres of land and nestles against the picturesque Himalayan ranges highlighting the perfect balance between its state of the art architecture and the tranquillity of the surrounding landscape.

Tula’s is a co-educational school which encapsulates engendering gender parity, mutual respect for and among all members of the organization and follows a strict non-discrimination policy based on caste, sex, religion, creed or class.

The school emphasizes on the holistic growth of the student and offers a schedule which seamlessly combines noteworthy elements of Indian heritage, knowledge, and wisdom along with digital learning. The overall development of the child forms the basis of all practices at top girls boarding school Uttarakhand. Every year the school makes sure to focus on a theme to offer the students to visualize their ideas through different activities. The students take part actively in all events organized by the school.

We focus on using the latest modes of methods and technology for educating our students. We encourage the loyalty of the students to their cultural heritage and promote respect and tolerance between students and teachers.

Tula’s International School offers an exciting and understanding environment for the execution of the best possible program, leading to the academic and personal development of the students. The school is devoted to shaping the child’s confidence and personality. It offers a strong developmental program combining academics and participation in other activities to inspire the students for learning underachievement. The school also persuades self-discipline, innovation, the liberation of thought and persistence of purpose with the understanding that both success and failure are important for learning.

Choosing the right career sometimes becomes very difficult for the students. We at TIS organize several tests and introduce children to the opportunities available to help them make the right subject choices. A constructive career guidance program is developed for the students to enable them to make effective decisions relating to their future. The students and parents are informed about admission procedures at various educational institutions in India and abroad for higher studies. This helps them to choose the right career for themselves for a brighter future.

In many previous researchers, it was noticed that students generally rely on their parents, friends, teachers, and most often their academic performance for guidelines and suggestions regarding their career choice. We at Tula’s have experienced that if a student picks a career that is in sync with his/her aptitude, interest and personality, she/he is likely to be more prolific and successful in life.

Career Counselling at top boarding school in Uttarakhand Tula’s International School focusses to provide aid at several growth phases of the students.

Counsellor at School:

The School has launched a career program which helps in providing the students with career guidance information in the school premises.

  1. Guide students to make career decisions
  2. Promoting awareness about various career choices in the field of Science, Arts and Commerce.
  3. Presenting thorough information on several career options to the students on demand.
  4. Administer Career Assessments tests- Aptitude – Interest – Personality.
  5. Providing counselling to students.

Our prime objective is to guide the students to realize their capability and become sole learners who are fully aware of their responsibilities towards themselves and others. As one of Dehradun’s top girls school in Uttarakhand schools, we want to bring about a transformation in students not only in academics but also in their mental, emotional, spiritual, and creative thinking processes.

Tula’s International School offers a splendid boarding school culture to develop awareness through academics, communication, and skills.

The other major academic challenge achieved through outstanding academicians supporting the aegis of CBSE, the holistic approach to development is practiced. The grooming of one’s character and empowering the student to participate in professional and national level challenges are some distinctive advantages.

The top girls boarding school Uttarakhand. Tula’s International School fosters Multiple Intelligence in its students to develop their talent through Concept teaching, Extra-curricular and Co-curricular activities. GIISU has made advances in providing a safe & secure environment, power-packed curriculum, personalized student care, and assessment through individualized goal setting & targets.


  • Manage with information and metrics
  • Agility and Adaptability
  • Honesty, Integrity and Ethical practice
  • Attitude before Knowledge
  • Teamwork
  • Mentor, Coach and Make a Difference
  • Ambiance for Learning

The amicable relationship between student and teacher is essential to our success. We believe in stimulating intellectual and cultural diversity and aim at developing a sense of responsibility towards the community. Our motive is to provide a spirited environment where each student is challenged and encouraged to become a critical and compassionate learner and a contributing member of the community at the local and global levels, showing regard and perception for other cultures and admitting that others can be different and also justified. The school provides outstanding national and international teaching by providing a high scholastic level, international understanding, the involvement of parents and strives to be a center of professional development. The school endeavors to create global citizens who are understanding, communicative, inquisitive, respectful and creative individuals with intensity for lifelong learning. Tula’s International School students are inspired to integrate effectively into the local, national and international communities through the manifold opportunities provided to them.