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Boarding school in Dehradun
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Tula's International School

Best Boarding School in Dehradun



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Top Residential School in Dehradun

About Best Residential School in Dehradun

Life at one of the Best Residential School in Dehradun can be summed up in one word and that is an opportunity. At Tula’s International School, the students have access to highly qualified faculty that helps them to realise their true potential. The school encourages students to form life-long friendships with students coming from different cultures and backgrounds. TIS let the students to experience adventure, challenge, enjoyment, culture, acceptance and a sense of togetherness that one can never experience at one place. All of this helps in shaping the students perspective and helps them in making a better future for themselves as well as for others.

The life at Top Residential School in Dehradun is designed for average to above-average, hardworking students who desire to live in and contribute to a positive, promising living ambience. Tula’s International School is situated at one of the most quiet and unique places overlooking the majestic Himalayas in the Dehradun region. Being an international school the lives of our students are immeasurably enriched by sharing their histories and cultures during lessons and extra-curricular activities. One of our priorities is to manage enrolment and class sizes to ensure personalised attention and effective communication among children and school faculty. At Tula’s International School, children thrive because they feel known, safe and empowered to grow intellectually and emotionally.

Top Residential School in Dehradun

Our approach towards the boarding system is unmatchable. We at TIS, believe that boarding is a very valuable and constructive experience which teaches children to be independent and also imbibes within the required social skills that they require to live in a community. The caring and supportive environment at the recognised Residential School in Dehradun ensures that the students feel relaxed, secure and content. We allow the desired time to the students in which they become fully involved in the myriad extras and activities that the school offers. The students have the opportunity to play in musical competitions, take part in theatre, compete in numerous sports and attend lectures and seminars among several other things together that they are offered to them. With the majority of staff living on the school campus, there is always something going on. Along with regular activities being organised in school, there are many outings and adventure trips for students to make use of the outstanding facilities.

We aim to provide education of the highest quality; be it theoretical, moral, practical or physical. We seek to inculcate a love of learning in the students, and we endeavour to offer them with abundant opportunity to stretch the boundaries of their individual ability. The syllabus is diverse, invigorating and demanding, but flexible enough to suit the ability of each student. Self-motivation, inquisitive mind and an eagerness to learn are all cultivated within the students.

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Life at the Top Residential School in Dehradun is an unmatched and exciting journey for a young child who is surrounded by creative, encouraging and like-minded individuals that cross the gateway of adulthood together. TIS offers a model environment for students which is a life-changing experience where they turn out to be independent and self-reliant individuals. Our boarding house provides an exceptional home away from home for boys and girls which is a life-altering experience that is sociable, comfortable and homely. We expose our students to a variety of sports, co-curricular & recreational activities to widen their learning and develop in them an exceptional character and behaviour.

Boarders at Best Residential School in Dehradun are offered with real-world experiences through supervised outings and excursions which contributes to their understanding of the world and remarkably impacts their problem-solving skills and allows them to create memories and significant relationships that last for a lifetime. The students gain a greater understanding of their society, make stronger connections and nurture a sense of belonging. The school creates and preserves an environment that is the perfect example of a family and society. This reformative experience emancipates our boarders to transform the world around them in a life-long course of new encounters and adventures.

With persistent care and bountiful support from our pastoral care team, which consists of wardens, boarding staff and teachers, we teach our students valuable life lessons and encourage them to be open-minded, grateful and respectful to each other. The boarding house staff of Residential School in Dehradun closely monitors the academic progression and personal development of each boarder, and mentors and counsels them through deviations, disturbance and misconduct. They foster values of inclusion and collaborative work amongst boarders which promotes teamwork strengthens their self-esteem and allows them to build relationships for life.