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5 Simple Ways to Improve General Knowledge of Children

The most important way to improve a child’s knowledge is by increasing his/her desire towards general knowledge and current affairs. This would help a child to be aware of his surroundings and help in sustaining the competitive world. Improving one’s general knowledge is a slow and gradual process that right at the Best Boarding School in Dehradun. Some of the simple yet effective ways to improve their general knowledge are below.

1. A habit to read:

Reading newspapers, magazines, GK books and other resourceful material is another best way to improve general knowledge among children. Unfortunately, the habit of reading newspapers is rarely seen among young children these days. Parents and even the good boarding schools in Dehradun should inculcate this habit in their children by spending some quality time by reading newspapers daily with their children. Also, parents must allow their children to read some good informative magazines. What is really important is helping the child develop a positive attitude towards learning.  Reading helps in bringing out the general curiousness among children and instigates an interest in them to learn more.

2. Watching and taking part in Quiz Shows:

Watching and enjoying quiz shows with your child on TV and internet helps a lot in improving their general knowledge. Also, children must inculcate a habit of watching channels like Discovery and National Geographic along with some educational broadcasts on Doordarshan which are a great source of information and helps in expanding a child’s general knowledge.

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3. Encouraging your child to socialise:

Every child needs friends not just to play with but to also help them learn about various things including technology, sports and other important events. Parents must encourage and motivate their children to interact with other children. Socialisation is yet another way of improving the general knowledge of your child. The Best Boarding School in Dehradun also allows students to take part in group activities so as to encourage productive conversations between the students. Parents should ensure that their child participates in programs and events that are informative and engaging at the same time.

4. Play interactive educational games with them:

When play and education are together, children willingly engage in the process of learning. Several good boarding schools in Dehradun also host a bunch of game activities for children that helps them in improving their general knowledge.

5. Involving kids in a healthy discussion:

Children should present their views on various discussions that take place at home as well as in their school. When a family spends their time together, it is very important to consider and respect their child’s point of view so that they feel confident in dealing with various problems in life and are able to be more confident when at boarding schools at Dehradun. This will in a way enhance their personality development as well as increase their knowledge.