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5 Tips for Parents to Boost Their Children Grades

Tips for Parents With the high pressure of scoring good grades in school, it sometimes becomes difficult for parents to understand which parenting strategies really promote learning for their children. One of the Best Girls boarding school in Dehradun says that a successful experience in school is not only about report cards. Parents are believed to be the key players in the development of a child’s personality, confidence, motivation, and overall personal responsibility; all of which contribute to the child’s academic and personal well-being.

Here are five tips for parents that will help them make sure that their child starts on the right foot and keeps exuberance and momentum high all over the school year.

[Tips for Parents]

1. Keep a Planner

Time management is an extremely significant aspect of productive study skills. Parents must ensure that their child always keeps a planner in order to manage his/her studies well. The planner should inculcate important due dates for homework and projects, exam dates and other important notes to remember about the Fee Structure of Boarding School in India. Parents must also indulge in the preparation time for important tests by helping their child break down the content and make a schedule for reviewing the material in the days leading up to the test. Breaking down big projects to learn effectively is important. Similarly, by determining smaller milestones and working with the child, parents must make a schedule for when they will have these components complete.

2. Teach your child to ask for help at the Best CBSE Boarding School in Dehradun

A lot of times students struggle with understanding a specific lesson in a particular subject or don’t quite understand the homework assignment.

Children must be taught how to bring up challenges early with a teacher and ask for help and don’t be afraid to bring up concerns with their teacher. Parents must teach their children how to build effective working relationships with other students. They should know that asking their fellow mates for help is another important lesson in asking for, receiving, and providing support.

3. Review your child’ school and homework daily

Children tend to engage in a lot of activities during their school time. With several classes, lunch breaks, sports activities, a young student may have difficulty in keeping track of everything that was taught that day. Parents must engage in the activity of reviewing school lessons and homework assignments with their child each day after school as it is one of the most constructive and competent methods to help consolidate what was learned that day.

The Best CBSE boarding school in Dehradun suggests that Spending some quality time with the child and talking about school for 15 to 20 minutes after school can have several benefits that will help in improving their school grades. Thus improving a child’s overall performance in school.

4. Look forward, not backward

One of the most significant tips for parents is to never demoralise or make your child feel worthless for his/her marks. Rather what they can do is to ask the child how they feel with their marks and how are they going to use this experience to be better next time? This approach works mainly well for anxious and super perfectionist children, because they can get stuck in a negative feedback loop, obsessing too much on the numbers and grades or about the Fee Structure of Boarding School in India. Helping them shift their focus back to the process can reduce that anxiety, particularly when they help them prioritise the aspects of learning they can control. Parents must also discuss with their child about their own failures and successes by showing them that they too are invested in the process of learning.

5. Value Goals Over Grades at the Best Girls boarding school in Dehradun

Lastly, neither parents nor the children should run after grades. It’s important to set goals at the beginning of a new school year or towards the beginning of a new season. The process is not about getting better grades, it’s about supporting learning. Parents must instill this in their children and make them know that grades are just the numbers. What’s more important is if those numbers have made them learn something for their lifetime.