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7 qualities that Boarding School enhances in Personality

7 qualities that Boarding School enhances in Personality

7 ways in which Boarding School improve Personality

Boarding schools play a significant role in nourishing the personality of the students. One of the Best Boarding Schools in Dehradun, Tula’s International School hence prioritizes its students’ welfare, and endeavors for their integrated development. Despite the admirable quality of its educational, infrastructural, and residential facilities, it is one of the most affordable boarding schools in Dehradun. It is also a modern gurukul, which strives to keep up with the modern trends in education while retaining the inherent values and traditions of a gurukul, thus adding to the advancement of society as a whole. (Click here to know more about Modern Gurukul)

Charles M. Schwab rightly quoted, “Personality is to a man what perfume is to a flower”. Personality is the first thing that others notice; it is one of the best summarizations of a human being. 

Keeping in mind the salient role played by personality in professional as well as personal life, Tula’s International School helps develop and enhance certain qualities in the personality of its students.

Boarding School

The following are the qualities that are enhanced in the personality:

1. Sports Enthusiasm

Almost all the schools today offer sports as a part of their curriculum, but Tula’s International School additionally emphasizes on the participation of the students in sports activities (Click here to know more about sports at TIS). There is an array of indoor and outdoor sports to choose from along with all the necessary equipment and playing field. The faculty brags of experts who supervise and train the students for excellence. Sports act as an effective method of recreation and rejuvenation apart from providing physical and mental exercise to the kids. They learn the importance of teamwork, winning with honour, losing with respect, following rules and staying disciplined and focused, all of which help to lead a well-organized life. 

2. Independence and Decision Making

Parents send their children to boarding schools for various reasons, one of which is to become independent and learn to make their own decisions. Students at Tula’s International School are provided round the clock pastoral care, which refers to practices of a school to effectively meet the personal, social and academic needs of students (Click here to know more about the pastoral care at TIS). These practices are combined with the teaching and learning and structural organisation of the school.

But being one of the topmost Boarding schools in Dehradun, the focus is also on ensuring the self-reliance of students. They are taught to efficiently manage their time and resources and put them to optimal use. This self-management also gives them the freedom to make their own decisions and then own up to the consequences. It acts as a learning experience that helps them in making wiser decisions henceforth. Thus, students are made into responsible citizens who have the grit to make mistakes and accept them in order to tread the path to success.

3. Innovation of Ideas

History has been witness to the fact that debates and discussions pave the way for different kinds of thoughts and opinions. It may lead to conflicts and arguments, but at the end of the day, people get to learn about others’ thought processes. They are constantly privy to a bundle of information that keeps their mental wheels churning to produce unique and refreshing ideas. Such vigorous minds go on to become great innovators and trendsetters in the future. 

4. Adjusting and Thriving

Learning to adjust is one of the most important qualities that will always help a person in life, and living in a boarding school is a great way to cultivate it. Situations in life are not always favourable and it is imperative that one has the ability to face them with a resilient spirit. Darwin’s phrase about ‘survival of the fittest’ comes into play here.  Everyone has their own way of living but they all make space for each other as they use this opportunity in the best way. Needless to say, they come out strong-willed and well-prepared for all sorts of challenges (Click here to know more about Multiculturalism at TIS).

5. Multiple Interests

Apart from an evolutionary education, Tula’s International School offers diverse extracurricular activities. There is a large collection of activities for students including different forms of music, dance and singing. The art and craft activities include many styles of painting and sculpting to pave way for the artistic talent. The management organizes regular trips and excursions that are not only educational, but also appeal to the travel lovers. Students form and manage various clubs and societies.

This boosts their interests and extends them the added freedom to pursue a career in the field of their interest. Apart from these, there are also some foreign languages, which increase their career opportunities. The extracurricular activities help students to explore a wider arena of life and provide them with numerous choices that they can take up in the future, as hobbies or as livelihoods. These further bring out their hidden talents and provide a  means to improve them.

6. Problem Solving

There is no doubt that life presents countless problems at every step. But everyone needs people who can come up with solutions instead of relentlessly listing down the problems as excuses. The demand of the time is of minds that can come up with innovative and creative answers to the problems pertaining to work or anything else. Though necessity is the mother of invention, but not everyone can rise to the occasion and smoothen out things. Ranking among the topmost ‘Boarding Schools in Dehradun Tula’s International School thus focuses on helping the students become problem solvers. 

7. Socializing

Friendships form between diametrical opposites as well as peas in a pod. They build relationships for life, nurtured with the same values and beliefs and a common lifestyle. These relationships are strong; people know each other and have been together in times of happiness and sadness. Have pushed each other to overcome anything that swindles life’s peace and have made living an eventful experience.

Success comes only to those who work for it with passion. It has been established that studying at Tula’s International School. A leading “Boarding school in Dehradun the capital city of Uttarakhand, the future generations of society are exposed to experiences that help them understand life and make the most out of it.