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Tips to Groom Your Child Communication Skills

Communication skills are of supreme importance for both children and adults but there is more to communication than just learning how to talk. From active listening to interpreting verbal and non-verbal signals and writing are all forms of communication. All of these are a part of our daily lives and therefore so much emphasis is placed on communication skills. While some children can communicate confidently from an early age, others find it difficult to make themselves understood. Improving this skill and building confidence in them is beneficial for them in later life. Some children develop communication skills faster than others. Whether your child is struggling to communicate or you simply want to give him or her some needed boost, here are some tips from the Best Boarding School in Dehradun that will help improve your child‘s communication skills.


One must persistently encourage their child to open up by starting off and engaging the child in conversation as much as possible. This not only helps them feel comfortable in sharing their thoughts and feelings but also makes them feel connected. In order to keep the communication lines open, parents must talk about anything and everything with their child. Having a frequent discussion with your children is important as you can see how they are feeling. Regular chats with limited distractions will enable them to focus on the conversation and improve their communication skills at the best co-ed boarding schools in Dehradun.


Children who are asked open-ended questions give more expressive and detailed answers. Closed questions like, ‘Did you eat your lunch’ does not really work as the answer one will get is only ‘yes’ or ‘no’. This will allow a child to freely express their opinion and so a conversation can develop naturally. Asking questions lets your child feel that you care well enough about them and care about what’s happening in their lives.

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Reading not only expands your child’s vocabulary but also enables them to use a wide range of words in order to express themselves in a better form at the Best Boarding school in India with hostel facility. Reading books together with your child also takes them on adventures into new worlds. It doesn’t really matter what books one read with their child; what does matter is that you are engaging in a bonding exercise that is of tremendous value to the child. Reading together opens up the room to talk about and compare storylines, characters and even learn moral lessons that may be compared with real-life situations.


When it comes to children, they try to imitate whatever is happening around them. A child’s basic nature involves watching things very carefully. It’s important for parents to become good role models for their children. One of the Best Boarding School in Dehradun advises parents to try and limit baby talk with their children as they could copy this immature language which could hinder their speech development.

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Some children find it easier to talk with other people once they’ve had a chance to think their thoughts through. Writing in a diary or journal about day-to-day activities and feelings may help a child form thoughts to share with others. This can ultimately make the child feel more prepared and confident when someone asks what’s been going on or what they have been doing at the best co-ed boarding schools in Dehradun.


Be it verbal or non-verbal, a child should be taught to express, interact, and respond in their day-to-day lives. Make them learn how to greet and how to respond. Let the children at the Best Boarding school in India with hostel facility know that they are free to talk, ask, question, and communicate their needs, desires, beliefs and ideas. As parents, talk to them every day and make generous use of words like ‘please,’ ‘sorry,’ ‘thank you,’ ‘common,’ among others.