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How Tula’s International School Adapted to 5 Major Changes in Education?

The field of education is an ever-changing one. And to the use of digital technology in schools, there have been many drastic changes.

Tula’s International School, a residential (boarding) school, located in Dehradun, understands the various changes. That take place and ensures that no student faces any difficulty because of these changes. The school has well-designed strategies to help the students in adapting to the changes.

“Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.”
John Dewey

5 major changes that have taken place in the field of education in recent years are as follows:

  1. Learning Computer at School
  2. Dependence on Technology
  3. Competition in Exams
  4. Increase in Extra-curricular Activities
  5. Availability of Data

1. Learning Computer at School

Since the time computer classes were included in the curriculum, a lot has changed in the manner in which students learn computers. There was a time when students eagerly waited for the weekly computer class. To draw on the Paint software and play games like Solitaire and Prince of Persia, as opposed to learning MS-DOS and MS-Office.

Tula’s International School understands the importance of learning computer software for all types of jobs. In both the public and the private sector. At our school, one of our Digital Workstations is called Steve Jobs, which is for Computer Applications. Due to our constant efforts, the students have the knowledge of computers beforehand. As opposed to those who have to be trained when they apply for jobs.

2. Dependence on Technology

Technology and its role in the field of education have seen significant changes. In many schools, traditional blackboard teaching has been replaced by interactive whiteboards. While earlier these were just a luxury, they have now become a necessity to compete with the other schools. The Internet also plays an extremely important role in education. Students believe in turning to Google for all their questions and queries. Their shifting to digital technology also means more online assignments and multiple-choice tests instead of written tests.

Tula’s International School realizes the pivotal role of the internet and the excessive applications it has. Our Digital Workstations have replaced traditional classroom teaching with blackboards. We use interactive whiteboards, state of an art projection system, a high-speed wireless internet connection, and a quality sound system. Each workstation has subject-specific learning material – highly animated 2D and 3D multimedia modules.

“The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet.”

3. Competition in Exams At International School

Needless to say, entrance exams have become much more competitive today. With the rise of the internet, students have access to unlimited study material. Educational institutes have mushroomed in all nooks and corners and offer opportunities to prepare for the exams. The cut-off scores for top colleges like IITs and IIMs also keep increasing with each passing year.

Tula’s International School ensures a stress-free environment for the students. We offer a 2-year integrated program to prepare for the IIT-JEE and Medical examinations. There is personal counselling, and also career counselling which helps students to become aware of the various choices. Pastoral care is provided to the students and they are looked after emotionally and spiritually by the various faculty members. We aim to prepare the students. for all kinds of situations that they may face on their way to building a bright future.

4. Increase in Extra-curricular Activities at International School


The pressure of scoring top marks in the board exams of classes 10 and 12 keeps the students on their toes. For majority students, their day begins at school, goes through tutions and ends with them drowning in a pile of books. The constant pressure to perform well has reduced the time they spend on recreation and personal hobbies. All of this has a negative effect as they will perform well, but they will not have an all-round development.

We follow the Mind, Body and Soul Approach to Learning which believes that the physical well-being of the students will greatly affect their academic learning. Various studies have been conducted to prove that participation in extra-curricular activities has a positive effect on the academics (Click here to read more about it). Extra-curricular activities also help the students in gaining an upper hand over the other candidates when they apply for jobs (Read about it in details).

We have over 20 sports with internationally accredited courts and expert coaches who are well trained to lead the students towards excellence. Apart from this, we also have 9 clubs and societies that help the students in exploring their hidden talents. These clubs are Bookworm (Book Reading Club), Potter’s Wheel (Clay Modelling Club), Raga Rocks (Music Club), Flamingo (Dance Club), The Circuit (Electronics Club), Khana Khazana (Cookery Club), Vibgyor (Arts and Crafts Club), Shutterbug (Photography Club) and Gulmohar (Nature Club). We celebrate all festivals with equal fun and vigour which help the students to have a better understanding of the various religions and cultures apart from being a time for recreation.


5. Availability of Data


Education has also changed in the way as how and how much data is available to students. Internet helps endless data becoming available to the students, replacing notes from teachers and libraries. For the same purpose, Wikipedia is considered an unreliable website – anyone with access to the internet can go and edit the content there. This has led to an increase in the quantity of content, but the quality of content is degrading with each passing day.

Keeping this in mind, Tula’s International School has designed a Library and Media Center where students can find all the books and study material that is relevant to their studies. It has a wide range of books for academic as well as general reading purposes.

“Beware of false knowledge; it is more dangerous than ignorance.”
George Bernard Shaw

It goes without saying that education will keep seeing numerous changes with each passing year. In such a scenario, it becomes very important that the schools also change their system of teaching for the betterment of the students. It has rightfully earned the “Rising Star of the Year” and “Infrastructure Provision” Awards at the North Educator’s Summit & School Merit Awards 2018-19 hosted by Education Today. TV100 and HNN 24X7 also presented the “Best Residential School in Uttarakhand” 2018 Awards to Tula’s International School in recognition of its achievements.