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Importance of Creativity and Innovation in Academics of Tula’s International School

Creativity and innovation are known to be the essential elements of academics. They bring about interest and motivation among students which eventually leads to learning. Creativity and innovation allow students to have a practical experience that is relevant and useful for their future life. When both of these elements are added in academics of the Boarding School in Uttarakhand, it makes the overall learning more interesting and interactive. The right mix of creativity in academics helps students to be innovative and also encourages them to learn new things. Students tend to grow up as good communicators in addition to improving their emotional and social skills. All of this really helps in transforming the way students acquire education and how they apply it in their real life. Additionally, creativity and innovation play a key role in a student’s emotional development.

Let us have a look at how important is the role of creativity and innovation in academics.

1. Students start learning with fun:

When innovation and creativity are added in academics it gives an opportunity for students to learn with fun. Several teaching activities like storytelling and skits help students to learn without the pressure of learning. All of it gains their interest in learning. The faculty of the CBSE Boarding School in India ensures that both creativity and innovation must be included in the curriculum from the lower classes itself and inspire the students to believe in their own creativity. Organizing fun team-building activities promote creative thinking in groups and help them to learn about accepting others’ ideas as well.

2. It allows for freedom of expression:

Unlike the traditional method of teaching, creative and innovative learning gives students the right opportunity to express themselves. Whether it is taking part in any school competition or a general classroom discussion, students have the chance to come out of their comfort zone and become a part of the same. This freedom of expression gives the students a sense of happiness. Students get a sense of satisfaction when they make some contributions in the learning sessions. When kids try and put a creative approach towards learning it makes them more open which ultimately gives them a feeling of accomplishment and pride.

3. Enhances one’s thinking capability:

When creativity is involved with academics, it helps in stimulating children’s imaginative thinking capability. One of the Best Residential School in Dehradun promotes activities such as creative team building activities, brainstorming sessions, and debates amidst school curriculum schedules. When children are taught with an innovative approach, they tend to learn difficult lessons with fun and ease. The use of images, videos, and high dimension graphics let the students feel interested in the learning sessions and the flow of images in their mind gives them the pleasure of creativity.

4. It helps in reducing stress and anxiety:

When dedicated time is set aside for creativity and innovative activities in between all the arduous study times, it helps in taking a lot of stress away from students. All these activities keep the kids relaxed and reduce their anxiety which in turn helps them to prepare well for their exams and excel in the same. Combining more practical experience and using visual reflection really helps in making a positive impact.

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5. Encourages Problem Solving Skills:

Some of the innovative brainstorming activities like jigsaws, quizzes and puzzles help in stimulating the skills of problem-solving among children. When a creative and innovative approach is taken up by students of the Boarding School in Uttarakhand it really changes the way they take up a problem. Creative problem solving is also encouraged in schools that help students to think out of the box and be more imaginative and creative.

6. Boosts attention and focus:

It is said that the kids of a lower class have a very short attention span. The traditional approach towards teaching makes the children lose their focus quite early in the classes. Thus a lot of schools have started inculcating creative teaching techniques like storytelling and skits that help in improving the focus and attention of the kids. Playing brain games, taking regular intervals to bring in some creative elements, and setting a workable classroom environment can make a lot of development in the attention span of kids.

7. Improved communication skills at the CBSE Boarding School in India:

When learning is mixed with creativity and innovation it opens up a world of communication for kids. They then are able to make better conversation and inspire innovative thinking and talking sessions in their vacant time. This also encourages group problem-solving skills and shared learning among students.

8. Emotional Development:

The innovative expression is crucial for kids that encourages emotional development in them. Creativity gives the students the freedom to explore their surroundings and learn new things around them. Students would always love a classroom environment that allows them to explore openly without having any restrictions. When they exhibit their true emotions in a creative manner in their classrooms of the Best Residential School in Dehradun, they can build up a good confidence level.