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Top 5 Internet Safety Tips For Kids

The Internet is a wonderful platform where kids can learn, acquire knowledge, play games, shop and even talk to their friends and family members. But unfortunately, at the same time, there are also predators, hackers, and others online who may try to harm your kids. In order to be safe and protected online, it’s crucial for parents and the kids of the Best Co-ed Residential School in India to be aware of certain online threats (Internet Safety Tips For Kids).

The chances are more of kids being at risk of such online threats as they are not aware of the same. They may not always think about the outcome of their actions, which can cause them to share too much information about themselves. Kids also are sometimes specifically attacked by cyberbullies and predators. Being a parent, one can help to keep their kids safe by talking to them about the use of the internet, teaching them about online dangers, and learning everything they can about the Internet so that they can make informed decisions.

Internet Safety Tips For Kids

1. Set a particular browsing time for your kids:

The Best Residential School in Dehradun suggests that setting and monitoring screen time for your kids is one of the best ways to check how much time they spend digitally. Parents must set a time for their children to operate their social media accounts or browse on the internet and must also teach them its correct usage.

2. Do a privacy check on their social media:

In the present scenario when the world is going all-digital, nobody can stop a teenager from creating his/her social media profile. Parents along with the teachers of the International Boarding School in Dehradun must keep an eye on who their child is online friends with, what they are posting, who can access the posts of their child and what personal information the child is sharing online. This can be a good way for parents to be in sync with their child’s internet activity.

Coed Boarding School in Dehradun | Internet Safety Tips For Kids

3. Teach your child about what to share and what not to share online:

Parents must guide their children about the type of content they can and cannot publish on online platforms. They must be told about not sharing personal contact numbers, addresses, or bank details as it may have very serious consequences. If any wrong person gets access to such information, they can use it to harm the child as well as the family. The Best Co-ed Residential School in India teaches kids to protect accounts with strong and unique passwords. Passwords that have a combination of at least 10 upper and lowercase letters, symbols, and numbers confuse password-stealing bots that search the web. Telling them important things like changing passwords every three months and not using the same password for multiple accounts is very necessary.

4. Tell them to click with caution:

Children must be told about online hackers and what mistake one careless click can do. Such careless mistakes can land that malicious software to get into the devices and create havoc. Talk to children of the Best Residential School in Dehradun about not automatically clicking on links in emails or websites. Tell the kid to not click on the link before checking properly.

5. Ask them to surf responsibly at the International Boarding School in Dehradun:

It’s crucial to protect your child from the dangers of cyberbullying. parents should also encourage their children to not take part in bullying or any act of trolling themselves. Peer pressure can make them do this but as their guardian, you should be explaining the many risks of this in a strict manner. Even if they see a negative comment online, encourage them to not reply back and escalate the matter rather they should report it.