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Ways to Create a Positive and Productive Learning Environment for Kids

Developing a positive and productive learning environment is essential for the educational, emotional and social success of children. Such an environment must be nurtured from the beginning since many elements are involved in setting up the same. The Best Co-ed Boarding School in India offers a safe and conducive environment and ensures to develop respect and trust between fellow mates. The faculty of the school also encourages risk-taking nature for the holistic development of a child. Below mentioned are few ways that can help in creating a positive and productive learning environment for kids.

  • Flexible learning process: 

Students cannot connect to a subject or topic unless they find it interesting to learn. The more relevant a topic or subject is to a student, the better will be their involvement in the learning process. Therefore, the Best Co-ed Residential School in Dehradun discovers ways to adapt the lesson or lecture to the interest of students. It’s important to find out the interests, talents and learning styles of each student. Once these areas are found, it’s easy to adjust the teaching methods and strategies to meet the needs of students on an individual basis. All of this helps in enticing the attention and engagement level of the students.

Top Co-ed Residential School in Dehradun

  •   Encourage children to appreciate efforts:

Children love to get an appreciation for their endeavours but they must also be trained to compliment and encourage other efforts as well. This helps in building up their social skills which encourages learning jointly or doing teamwork. In a team environment, cooperation and sharing attitude work well and it supports the development of every individual regardless of their own learning pace.

  • Make them feel motivated:

Motivation is an important aspect of creating a positive learning environment for kids. When children at the Best CBSE Boarding School in India feel good about themselves, they are bound to get engaged in positive actions. Additionally, if they are taught to channelize their negative thought to a positive action so as to make them feel good from inside, it would work as a powerful motivator and develop the students overall well-being.

  • Responding Positively

One of the essential elements of a positive learning environment is positivity and this is why faculty of the Best Co-ed Boarding School in India interact with students in a positive manner, exhibiting positive behaviour and by maintaining a positive attitude. Regardless of what the situation or circumstances are, the teacher has to be patient enough to tackle/respond back in a positive way. Young minds swiftly grab whatever they see and this is why if the teacher always maintains a positive attitude, the students can imitate such positivity in them and also apply it in their life.

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  • Form a positive relationship with children:

All students have a predetermined notion regarding their teacher. This attitude can often create an obstacle to connecting well with the teacher. One of the Best Co-ed Residential School in Dehradun suggests sharing real-life experiences while teaching lessons in the classroom to help them break the misunderstanding. All students idolise their teacher who inspires them and shares some information about their personal experiences. And when students feel connected to their teacher, they become frank to share their personal information with the teacher. So it is a two-way process that will help the teacher build a positive learning environment inside the classroom.

  • Encourage activities apart from academics

Games and other activities are an integral part of the learning environment. One of the ways to engage students in the positive learning process inside the classroom is to involve them in cooperative learning structure and noncompetitive games. With the help of digital educational technology, there are a number of resources online that support personalised learning and collaborative learning mechanisms.

  • Never judge a child 

Not all children have the same pace of learning ability and possess some of the other talent hidden within them. Therefore it is not advisable to judge students or label them as it only triggers the feeling of distrust among the students towards their teacher. Rather than judging them, the Best CBSE Boarding School in India looks forward to uncovering the problem that is not allowing the student to perform up to the mark.