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7 Essential Life Skills To Help Your Child Developing Future

Life skills are recognised as those essential skills that bring together the social, emotional and cognitive capacities of an individual to solve problems and achieve goals. These life skills play a significant role in a student’s success in school and life. A child is required to learn beyond academics. The procurement of these skills is a much more likely indicator of future success than the conventional measures like taking a test and assigning homework. It is important to note, the seven life skills that are mentioned below are all carefully nurtured in the environment of the Best Co-ed Residential School in India.

1. Decision-making skills:

To succeed in life, it’s important to have the right decision-making skills. Therefore, children from a very young age must be taught to make decisions on their own. They must be taught to make simple and wise decisions quickly. Parents must develop this skill in their children by allowing them to choose between their clothes, toys, games, and food to start with. When this activity is done, children will understand the consequences of their decisions. The Best CBSE Boarding School in Uttarakhand allows them to count their merits and demerits in order to make the right decision.

2. Self- Defense:

In the modern world, safety and security are the foremost priorities in everyone’s life. Teaching children this essential life skill of self-defense will not only make them independent but also safe. Several schools have added this life skill in their curriculum in order to teach students to protect themselves when they are alone.

3. Empathy and Respect at the Best CBSE Girls Boarding School in Uttarakhand:

Children should not have a notion of being ‘self-centred’ and become selfish. To be successful in life, it is crucial for children to believe that they are special and so are others! This lays the foundation for other important life skills i.e. respect and empathy. This helps them to be more aware of the need for conservation, environment protection and cruelty against animals. A child who showcases these life skills of being caring, kind and empathetic will always respect and be happier in life.

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4. Resilience and Positive Thinking:

Lack of success and sorrow are a part and parcel of life. As a parent, one must not shield and overprotect their child. In fact, they should be capable enough to learn how to ‘bounce’ back from these failures and not take them to the heart or let it define them for life. They must learn that after the thunderstorm the rainbow will come.  Developing this essential life skill will help them to keep going, set objectives, motivate themselves and look for the silver lining, even when faced with pessimism or challenging circumstances.

5. Stress and Anger Management Skills:

In a competitive world, children face a lot of stress on the social and academic front which leaves them feeling frustrated, irritable and sometimes drawn towards material abuse and other high-risk behaviours. As parents, one must need to talk about these pressures, and how they manifest themselves in a negative way, to the children. Children at the Best Co-ed Residential School in India are allowed to develop strategies in order to manage their feelings, impulses and negative thought patterns.

6. Independence:

Encouraging them to do things slowly on their own will make them feel independent. It’s important to teach them how to do it, model it, help them do it and also allow them to make their own mistakes. The Best CBSE Boarding School in Uttarakhand gives them confidence in themselves by letting them have a bunch of successes and letting them solve the failures.

7. Compassion:

One of the most essential skills that children must be taught is compassion. They should care for people other than themselves, to be happy by making others happy.  What works best for kids here is imitating compassion in order to make them learn the same. Parents must be compassionate to their child at all times, and to others. The Best CBSE Girls Boarding School in Uttarakhand demonstrates at every opportunity how to ease the suffering of others when you’re able, how to make others happier with small kindnesses, how that can make you happier in return is the key.