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Best Boarding School in Dehradun


Points to know before considering the best boarding schools for kids in India?

The benefits of enrolling your child at a boarding school over a day school are plenty. The atmosphere that a boarding school offers a child is incomparable to a child from a day school. While India is a treasure house of boarding schools, the best boarding schools are found in Dehradun. Tula’s International is one of the top ten boarding schools in Dehradun.

Being the education capital of India and due to its location and convenience, Dehradun is always suggested for enrolling your child at a residential school. Let us take a glance at the points that we should be considering before choosing the best boarding school in Dehradun or India for our child:

1. Independent Lifestyle:

A boarding school student will always stand out as an independent child. While the students of a residential school are not spoiled and spoon-fed by their parents, the wardens always encourage the children to do their task and take the ownership of their actions that make a student independent and practical at an early age.

2. Hostel:

Before enrolling your child, the parents should always make a scrutiny of the hostel that their child would be staying at. While it cannot be as cosy and luxurious as their home but the parents always try to give their child a home away from home. The best boarding schools in Dehradun have hostels constructed with modern infrastructure and all the basic amenities with CCTV surveillance at all times to ensure the security and safety of the students.

3. Discipline:

A student in a boarding school will never have the privilege to laze around on the couch or wake up late. A good boarding school has a very well-planned schedule that ensures the productivity of each student. While children are away from the temptations of television and mobile phones. The school curriculum keeps them occupied with some hobby or activity after school hours.

4. Faculty:

Before finalising on the boarding school for your child, one should make a keynote of the faculty. A strong and well-versed faculty shapes the best students. The teachers should be patient and extremely warm and easy to approach so that the children do not face any obstacles while learning.

Point to know before considering the best boarding schools for kids in India

5. Pastoral Care:

A child is the most valued human is a parent’s life and the parents need to be assured that their child gets all the care in their absence. A good boarding school should have an infirmary with medicines and neat and clean tools and washrooms along with an ambulance in case of emergency.

6. Library:

He who reads is a wise man and a wise man always is aware and intellectual. A well-read child will always be a good speaker and never hesitate to hold conversations with strangers.

7. Sports:

Sports are as important as academics. It is very important to know how many options are available for students. Tula’s International offers more than sixteen options in sports whether indoor or outdoor. Thus, before deciding on the school, the parents must give equal emphasis on sports.

8. Advanced learning:

With times evolving, it is very important to go for a school that supports digital and advanced methods of learning with computer labs and science labs that have advanced and modern types of equipment. Visual learning always helps a child to learn faster and grasp better.

Tula’s International Dehradun is one of the top ten boarding schools in Dehradun and India with an all India rank #8. The school gives personal attention to students who have difficulty coping with syllabus after office hours. The students get to eat highly nutritious meals and the pastoral care is top-notch. Tula’s International School is the place where your child becomes an all-rounder with a personality that is too strong and dominant.