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Boarding school in Dehradun
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Tula's International School

Best Boarding School in Dehradun



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Top Boarding Schools in India

List of Top 21 Boarding Schools in India


Indian boarding schools offer an outstanding educational experience, loaded with more adventure, challenge, enjoyment, variety, acceptance, and a culturally diversified community. And therefore, enrolling in one of the top boarding schools in India leads to a lifetime of opportunities. The top boarding schools in India incorporate devoted and expert faculty on board, talented students, along with a wide range of exciting academic and extracurricular opportunities. These boarding schools introduce students to a rich, demanding, and transformative experience.

Boarding schools in India focus not only on education but also on the overall development of each student. Because here teachers are well aware that young students need a lot of support and attention to transform into mature adults. Boarding schools in India offer psychological support for those children who face behavioral problems and need addressing with greater concentration. The top boarding schools in India ensure that the boys and girls attending the school evolve and grow in a sensible community as the same will help them in shaping their values and skills.

Located in the beautiful Himalayan state of Uttarakhand, Tula’s International School holds the position of being under the top 21 boarding schools in India from 2021 to 2023. The school is a co-educational, independent school with a perfect example of an excellent fusion between the old gurukul system with a modern approach, aiming at developing the Mind, Body, and Soul. Tula’s International School is a recipient of numerous awards, including the Great Indian Schools by Forbes, Best Residential School, and Best International Boarding School in Uttarakhand. It is a high-achieving, happy, enthusiastic, and forward-thinking educational institution where students excel academically and socially.

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At the heart of Tula’s experience is an engaging and challenging educational environment that encourages students to achieve at the highest level. Students develop their talents and abilities through participation in fine arts, sports, school clubs, and different organizations, both inside and outside the classroom. The staff members, parents, and students of the girls’ hostel are part of a close-knit, extremely caring community. We emphasize encouraging connections because that helps in developing self-esteem and confidence in the students. And this lets the child feel like a valued community member. The school enjoys cultural diversity as here students come from around the world. The international character of Tula’s International School adds an exciting global perspective to the community and the educational experience.

Tula’s International School stands as one of the top boarding schools because of the following reasons: 

At Tula’s, we are a close-knit family

Small class sizes at the boarding school allow students to receive the personal attention they deserve. The dedicated teachers of Tula’s know students beyond the classroom walls and even serve as dorm parents, advisors, coaches, and mentors. Tula’s well-cares for the students in a supportive and close-knit environment because everyone here is family.

Unlocks and maximizes the potential of students

The best school offers the highest academic, artistic, and athletic program levels, including advanced placement classes and career counseling workshops. The expert faculty on board makes sure that all our students receive the highest levels of education and expertise. Athletics are an important part of a student’s daily routine to promote physical and mental health after an intense day of studying.

Inspires student to achieve incredible statures

Beyond academics, arts, and athletics, students, and staff of TIS work together to build character and become responsible, global citizens. The school community complies with the core values of recognition, accountability, goodness, bravery, compassion, and scholarship. Our students bring these values with them when they leave the school campus after completing their high school education and are ready for every challenge that lies ahead in life.

Tula’s International School has been transforming student lives since its inception. With endless opportunities embedded in a tradition of educational excellence, every parents’ choice becomes clear when they plan to enroll their child in the top boarding school in India.

Athletic Program at Tula’s

The athletic program at Tula’s helps in promoting educational success and is essential to the school mission. Sports offer a physical platform to the hardship of the academic day, an opportunity for student-athletes to set and achieve goals, and the means to develop a lifelong interest in good health and physical activity.

Athletic Program

The structured sports program of TIS allows athletes of various abilities to compete at different levels. Our TIS teams are devoted coaches who are proficients in their sport. Above all, coaches are determined to develop athletes with powerful moral character. The TIS sports program develops students into skilled athletes who can make their mark in sporting events globally. The most sought-after sports at TIS are volleyball, taekwondo, cricket, cycling, badminton, table tennis, and horse riding among many more.

Boarding Life at Tula’s

At one of the best boarding schools in India, learning happens everywhere, which means it does not stop when the classes conclude. Our education program allows each student to achieve academic success through individual growth. Campus life at the boarding school offers each student a family that supports, accepts, and helps them realize their full potential.

Boarding Life at Tula's

Every child is required to develop proficiency to move forward in life. And thus, we help our students create and develop their passions, skills, and interests. All activities, including service-oriented or recreational, involve a healing element and have an objective. From cleaning their personal spaces to learning self-control, leadership, and responsibility guides students to develop a sense of belonging and respect for others and their differences.

The school hostel at Tula’s gives our students a unique advantage. They not only have access to everything on campus 24×7 but also experience a solid structure both in the classroom, in the dorms, and on the weekend.

It is the first time for many students to live away from their homes. And our boarding faculty makes sure to help the students get accustomed to the all-new boarding environment. Our boarding wardens are there to help with the transition to boarding school, ensure students are getting up on time in the morning, and are getting a timely goodnight’s sleep.

Living with other students is not easy. While living with peers can be challenging, it also has many positives. At Tula’s, we are a family where we grow and become united. Here, we celebrate birthdays and holidays and celebrate the success of each student both on a personal and school level. We motivate our children in every sphere of life.

At Tula’s International School, teaching is an excellent combination of Academic Excellence, Technological Aptitude, Specialized Skills, Fine Arts, Music, Sports, and Theatre. It is a unique structure where artistic roots happily coexist with technological advancements. The school delivers quality teaching to the students in the most suitable environment. It is equipped with all the structures that ensure the education experience for the students. The skilled and proficient team passionately and dedicatedly coaches the learners.

At our boarding school, we concentrate on high benchmarks and expectations for each student regarding educational performance, co-curricular participation, and overall development. The kind of education we impart to a child in the school lays the foundation of life. We use all instruments available to motivate staff, students, and the community to work together, to foster student accomplishment and well-being. Our competent teachers and staff members seek to focus on every child, monitor & mentor them, value their achievements, and inspire them to overcome their drawbacks. Because we firmly consider that each parent’s involvement is an indispensable element to the educational success of any child.

So let’s have a look at some of the benefits of a co-educational private boarding school in India:

Tula’s nurtures the individual growth and development of both girls and boys. It is an institution where opportunities for leadership and authority flourish by developing meaningful connections with peers & adults. Here, finding a sense of balance helps manage the stress of school life by treating each student equally in and out of the classroom.


At one of the best schools in India, co-curricular engagement relates to educational success. Students interested in these activities are more involved with and attached to their overall school experience. Moreover, many academic skills learned in the classroom have the opportunity to be applied and practiced in the real world. It is no surprise that students involved in co-curricular activities attain more success in their schools and further education.


There is no doubt that problem-solving skills, teamwork, and interpersonal communication are crucial abilities in the present world that one can learn beyond the classroom. The girls’ schools enjoy some of the most significant hands-on learning in their clubs, teams, and excursions. And these sometimes turn out to be the most self-reliant and self-directed school-based activities. Experience is one of the crucial teachers that makes our children scholars on the field, the stage, and the international platform!


We are well aware that learning options are as broad as the human imagination. We are proud of what our students have been doing in their classes, labs, and beyond their classrooms. But we also know that a truly engaging education offers choice, encourages creativity, boosts individual limits, and produces interest in the wider world.



We want our students to be motivated to learn and evolve wherever their interests take them. And this sometimes also means leaving the classroom behind. As they pursue opportunities in the arts and athletics, in clubs and excursions, Tulaites students acquire the confidence and strength required to navigate all stages of life. They also acquire leadership experience, teamwork skills, and confidence in the face of obstacles.

Tula’s International School is an outstanding learning institution. Here, hopes that are given to families during the admissions process are turned into reality in the classroom. A classroom is a place where our students learn to accept and take risks. And we do the same by using the strength of students while still supporting their learning disability,

Small classes, an exceptional team of educators, and innovative teaching methods are the keys to the success of our students. The curriculum at Tula’s is based on modern research and is supported by leading-edge technology. Our students tend to make quick progress with the help of the hard work & dedication of both students and faculty.

Our curriculum at TIS follows planned advancement and prepares students for applying to the best of colleges & universities and getting through. TIS enables students to find others who learn and think as they do and know they are not alone in battling and overcoming their learning disabilities.

We firmly believe that every student should have the opportunity to feel successful in their classroom surroundings. We offer a structured, encouraging, and caring environment for students. And this pushes them to study in areas that interest them and challenge themselves academically. Our academic standard provides students with the tools to promote a growth mindset, real-world teamwork skills, and the desire to be lifelong learners.

The best school uses the essential services of skilled professionals to equip students with personalized yet thorough care. Students in the boarding school acquire counseling, education, guidance, and hands-on instruction. And, this helps them to advance in the world. TIS has faculty and administrative staff qualified in developing, recognizing, and utilizing these moments in everyday relations with students.

Apart from Tula’s International School, here is a list of other top boarding schools in India. All these schools are known for their class-apart educational experience:

  • The Doon School
  • Welham Girls’ School
  • Mayo College
  • Bishop Cotton School
  • Convent of Jesus and Mary
  • Scindia School
  • Sherwood College
  • Chinmaya International Residential School
  • UWC Mahindra College
  • Indus International School
  • St George’s College
  • Rashtriya Indian Military College
  • Pathways World School
  • Vidya Devi Jindal School
  • SAI International School
  • St Paul’s School