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How to choose the top girls boarding school in Uttarakhand

How to choose the top girls boarding school in Uttarakhand?

Top Girls Boarding School


Uttarakhand is blessed to be situated in the foothills of the Himalayas. Parents especially the ones with daughters want to provide the best education to their girls but often contemplate for options to choose among the top girls boarding school in Uttarakhand. Good education, a child’s safety, and discipline are a few factors that their decision revolves around.

Tula’s International, Dehradun is one of the top boarding schools in Uttarakhand. The school offers a lot more than safety and discipline to girls. Your daughters are not just safe at the campus but also secure. They communicate with the right people and are always guided by their teachers and wardens. They learn to be responsible and independent.

Affiliated to the CBSE board, Tula’s International is a top girls’ school in Uttarakhand. Hence, the children get to spend more time on extracurricular activities apart from academics. The school also organizes various cultural activities. To acquaint these girls with different cultures since there is a diversity of students at the school.

How to choose the top girls boarding school

Factors to consider

Several factors make Tula’s International one of the top boarding schools in Uttarakhand. The faculty is extremely prolific and well-versed in their subjects. The classrooms are spacious and the syllabus offers advanced learning. The computer labs are equipped with fast systems and high-speed internet that help students escalate the process of digital learning.

Tula’s International encourages the students with the mantra – “each one read one”. The aim is to develop a healthy habit of reading among students so that their imagination grows and reaches new horizons.

Along with academics, equal emphasis is made on the extra-curricular activities at Tula’s International which makes it the top girls’ school in Uttarakhand. With more than sixteen options, your child can choose a hobby of her interest and polish her skill at the same. Be it painting or debating or pottery class, there is an endless list of options to choose from.

An educated and well-read daughter is worth ten sons and Tula’s International leaves no stone unturned in shaping her personality. Your daughter completes her schooling with flying colors and high grades and a personality that makes her distinguished from the crowd and so Tula’s International is the top girls’ boarding school in Uttarakhand.