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best cbse boarding school in dehradun

Top 5 CBSE Boarding Schools in Dehradun

You’ve just got out of your 9-6 job, worrying about meeting the deadlines and managing daily tasks. The kids need to be dropped off at a school, but you are not comfortable sending them alone. With so much going on, things might get pretty challenging.

But then, is there a middle ground? Could you find some expert help in the form of boarding schools for your children? Well, if you have been thinking about boarding schools, it is time to leap.

Why Are Boarding Schools Important?

As most parents want their children to do well in life, whether it’s academics or extracurriculars, the schools we choose for them play a huge role. Boarding schools are important for your children because it enables them to be away from the stress of their everyday lives.

Moreover, boarding schools have seen mammoth growth over the last decade, and no one is surprised! Apart from its inherent benefits, boarding school education is becoming popular because of the host of advantages that it offers over regular schools. There are a number of signs that can be attributed to residential schools, from better character building to holistic development to a host of other advantages. Boarding school education has everything necessary for the growth of children.

They also offer an exceptional ambiance for children to learn more about themselves and the society in which they live. They also prove to be very beneficial for their overall development from personal and social to professional aspects of life.

Now, let us analyze the benefits of CBSE over other boards of education.

About The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE)

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has been established in an effort to improve the quality of secondary education in India. It monitors and supervises all Secondary(High) Schools and also prepares curriculum for different subjects. CBSE is an autonomous body established under the aegis of the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India. It was created to bring uniformity to the education system across various states. And to create a common syllabus so that aspirants from any state can compete on equal terms.

Characteristics of The Central Board of Secondary Education(CBSE)

  • Focused on theoretical knowledge more than the practical knowledge
  • Stresses more on the study of Mathematics and Science
  • Features a precisely compact syllabus
  • Works on alphabetical grading system
  • Transfers between the CBSE schools are more hassle-free so, it is better when you are constantly relocating
  • Is widely accepted
  • Most likely to be found in a city/state/region
  • Is more generalized towards common career choices like Engineer and Doctor


So, are you looking for the right CBSE boarding school in Dehradun to pursue quality education? Read on to discover five CBSE boarding schools at Dehradun that you and your kid would love.

Top 5 CBSE Boarding Schools in Dehradun

  1. Tula’s International School

Tula’s International School is the best CBSE Boarding School in Dehradun. The word international connotes the integration of national culture with a global outlook. With a curriculum that nurtures students beyond academics, Tula’s is a great choice for your cbse boarding school in dehradunFounded in: 2006

Type: Co-Ed

  1. Welham Boys School

Probably considered one of the oldest institutions in Dehradun, Welham Boys School lies in the heart of the doon valley. Rolled out at over 30-acres of campus, it offers state-of-the-art facilities and a wide range of co-curricular pursuits, along with competitive sporting opportunities

Founded in: 1937

Type: Boys Only


  1. Selaqui International School

Named under the top boarding schools in Uttarakhand, Selaqui International School spans over a campus of 52-acres. Their special curriculum includes the 6 Cs, namely Critical Thinking, Communication, Collaboration, Creativity, Character, and Citizenship. They encourage the students to think out of the box and make innovations in education as well as extracurricular activities.selaqui international schoolFounded in: 2000

Type: Co-Ed


  1. The Indian Public School

The Indian Public School aims at delivering a holistic and comprehensive learning experience to each child. They believe that education is a lifelong process and that learners need to be equipped with all the required knowledge, skills, and attitudes to face future challenges.Founded in: 2001

Type: Co-Ed

  1. The Pestle Weed School

One of the premier institutions in Dehradun, The Pestle Weed has a 50-acre campus amongst the beautiful foothills of the Himalayas. It is run by a, not for profit organization, providing education at up to 50% less cost as compared to the other institutions.pestle weed schoolFounded in: 1982

Type: Co-Ed


So, we’ve researched and listed down the top five CBSE boarding schools in Dehradun in this article.We believe there is no better way than sending your child to a school that lets them experience the joy of living on campus. Several benefits come with sending your child to boarding schools. These benefits range from an enhanced academic performance to a lot more exposure on a global level. We hope this helps!