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Best Boarding School in Dehradun

10 reasons to consider boarding schools in Dehradun

10 reasons to consider boarding schools in Dehradun

As parents, our biggest concern is to provide our children with the best of education and shape their future. In today’s times where competition is cut-throat, it is extremely important to be aware and well-read. Knowledge and intellect play a major role in getting you a job with a healthy package. The first step to shaping your child’s future is to enrol them in a good boarding school. Be it your son or daughter, no day school will shape their future, as well as a boarding school, would.

There is absolutely no dearth of good boarding schools in India. However, Dehradun being the education capital is blessed with some of the best and most renowned residential schools. From Bollywood celebrities to the ex-Prime Minister of India, many famous personalities have done their schooling from Dehradun. Let us throw a glance at why parents should consider boarding schools in Dehradun:


Situated in the foothills of the Himalayas, Dehradun has extremely favourable climate. The summers are not too hot nor the winters too freezing. It is cold but favourable for students to endure. With a favourable climate, the children can easily adapt and cope with the weather and so it is an apt location to enrol your children at a boarding school in Dehradun.

Less Pollution:

Dehradun was once upon a time a small town and became a city only after it was declared as capital. Compared to metropolitan cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata, the level of pollution and air quality are way better than other cities. Due to comparatively low pollution levels, the immunity in children is stronger and so there are fewer chances of them falling sick.


Some of the famous boarding schools in India are in Dehradun and renowned because of their location. Situated away from the chaos and noise of the city with lush green campus surrounded by dainty hills and verdant forests, these schools develop awe for nature and love for nature among students and they respect the environment and are more inclined towards its conservation.


We are all aware of the criminal records of the metropolitan cities. Dehradun is way safe a valley where children can go out hiking on weekends and be safe. The hostels are under strict CCTV surveillance and the wardens never let their guards down and so the girls and boys are very safe.

10 reasons to consider boarding schools

CBSE Board:

It is always preferred to enrol your child in a CBSE board over an ICSE board. A school affiliated to CBSE board will focus only on the mandatory subjects and reduce the burden of studies for the children thereby giving them more time to prepare for competitive exams like IIT and JEE.

Social Life:

The children studying in a boarding school in Dehradun enjoy a better social life. Since Dehradun is the education capital of India, students from different nook and corner of the country come to study at these boarding schools. When these schools organise socials, the children get a better chance to meet other students from different walks of life. Tula’s International School is one of the famous boarding schools in Dehradun to promote co-ed education and encourage students to be social and aware of the opposite gender.


A boarding school has children from all walks of life and so there is a rich cultural diversity. To keep the children close to their roots and make them friendly with other cultures, boarding schools usually celebrate cultural week every year to encourage acceptance and promote diversity and so the children are aware of the customs, language and traditions of other religion and parts of the country.


Dehradun is blessed to be surrounded by forests and hills. With treks to Shikhar Falls, Mussoorie and other small hiking destinations, the children not only get recreational breaks but also stay fit with hiking trips every once in a while. With hill stations like Pauri, Mussoorie, Nainital and many more, they learn to develop a knack of travelling among them and a traveller is always more knowledgeable than a person who travels less.


Dehradun is not a concrete belt. With development happening, there is still ample land that schools have used for sports. Tula’s International Dehradun is one good boarding school to offer more than sixteen options in sports. The campus is so huge that they have managed to use it judiciously for sports. The school has a basketball court, football field, swimming pool, shooting range and tennis court where children can choose the sport of their choice and polish their skills.

Personality Development:

It is a known factor that a child from boarding school is easy to distinguish from the crowd because of their strong personality. Inclined towards reading, sports and extracurricular activities, the children are more aware and confident as compared to day school children. They are disciplined, fit and well-groomed.

Tula’s International School is one of the most famous boarding school in Dehradun. Sprawled across a 22-acre land with a magnificent campus and bespoke faculty, the school holds a strong reputation with an all India rank at no. 8. While choosing a boarding school for your children, always do thorough research because it is more like an investment. Choose wisely, live well!!!