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Boarding school in Dehradun
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Best Boarding School in Dehradun



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best cbse boarding school in dehradun

Top 10 CBSE Boarding Schools in Dehradun


Every parent dreams of providing the best education to their child. And the reasons could be endless! While we’re sure you know what’s best for your child, we’ve made an effort to deliver you the process. The last few years have seen a significant rise in demand for CBSE boarding schools, especially in urban areas.

This article will give you an idea about why CBSE schools are better. And, well. There’s more! We’ve also made a list of the top 10 CBSE boarding schools in Dehradun for you to make the best decision for your child.

The reason why CBSE schools are so in demand is that they provide a smoother learning environment both academically and socially. And when we talk about a CBSE boarding school, it could be a perfect place for your younger ones to get accustomed to the school environment.

But what makes CBSE schools better than the others? Let’s find out.

Top 10 CBSE Boarding Schools in Dehradun

What is the Central Board of Secondary Education(CBSE)?

The Central Board of Secondary Education, often abbreviated as CBSE, is a Board of Education for public and private schools under the Union Government of India. It prescribes education guidelines to schools based on the syllabus formulated by the National Council of Educational Research and Training(NCERT) and conducts evaluation tests at the close of each academic year.

The Board came into existence with its headquarters in Delhi and is majorly responsible for conducting examinations at secondary and Senior Secondary levels, all over India.

Features of the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE)

Some of the features that make CBSE more distinctive than the other boards are:

  • A Standardized Curriculum developed by the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT)
  • Standardized textbooks across the country
  • Structured and well-formulated syllabus
  • 20000+ schools offer this curriculum in India
  • Uniformity in curriculum, evaluation, and other factors across institutions


With that said, let’s get on to our top 10 CBSE boarding schools in Dehradun that can work as a benchmark for your child’s bright future.

  1. Tula’s International School

A school whose mission is to provide a holistic approach to education, Tula’s International School is one of the premier co-educational schools in India.best boarding school in dehradunFounded in: 2006

Type: Co-Ed


  1. The Asian School

There are only a few boarding schools that offer all-around quality education like Tula’s International School, with excellent facilities, security, and good infrastructure. Its 16-acre campus is one of them. The campus has separate hostels for senior boys, junior boys, and girls.Asian school

Founded in: 2000

Type: Co-Ed


  1. Kasiga School

Kasiga Boarding School is a boarding school located in Dehradun. Conceived with a vision to provide quality education, it is situated amidst the peace and serenity of the Mussoorie hills. It offers a blend of modern teaching techniques with creative infrastructure.kasiga school

Founded in: 2005

Type: Co-Ed


  1. Ecole Globale International Girls School

Ecole Globale International Girls School is a boarding school for girls in Dehradun. The school endeavors to provide world-class education to young girls and encourage them to grow as adaptable individuals.ecole globale

Founded in: 2012

Type: Girls Only


  1. Apollo International School

Taking education as a serious need, Apollo International School offers children a global perspective on education and opportunities to discover themselves beyond the classroom.apollo school

Founded in: 1999

Type: Co-Ed


  1. Grace Academy

Grace Academy provides an atmosphere where students can build a solid foundation for a lifetime of learning in a way that promotes student-centeredness and love for God, self, and others.grace academy

Founded in: 1990

Type: Co-Ed


  1. Doon Global School

Doon Global School ranks 5th amongst the best CBSE schools in Dehradun. It offers an integrated and comprehensive standard of education through innovative teaching and learning methods.doon global chool

Founded in: 1998

Type: Co-Ed


  1. Delhi Public School

Delhi Public School is an institution of repute in the field of education. It strives for the development of each student through focused academic excellence, sports, discipline, and moral upbringing.Delhi public school

Founded in: 2008

Type: Co-Ed


  1. Him Jyoti School

Spread over a campus of 10 acres, Him Jyoti School is a charitable school aimed at providing quality education to young girls who belong to the weaker sections of society. Families with income less than 8000 are preferred.Him jyoti school

Founded in: 2005

Type: Girls Only

  1. Olympus High School

Olympus High School is a highly renowned educational institute in the state of Uttarakhand. With a strong focus on extracurriculars, the school encourages students to grow up and unleash their untapped potential for achieving greatness in whatever they dream of doing in the future.olympus school

Founded in: 1999

Type: Co-Ed


So, that was all for our search for the best CBSE boarding schools in Dehradun. We really hope this article helps you in choosing the right school for your child. Again, the boarding schools listed here have proper privacy, a good atmosphere, cleanliness, and quality education. We assure you wouldn’t be disappointed.