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Best Boarding School in Dehradun

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Top 5 Reasons to Choose a Boarding School in Dehradun

5 Reasons Why A Boarding School


It is no surprise that some of the top boarding schools of India are in Dehradun. Being the education capital of the country, one can find umpteen options among the top ICSE and the best CBSE boarding schools in Dehradun. Dehradun has the best ICSE and CBSE board results in the country and almost every year. The all India topper is from Dehradun. With coaching centres, scholarships and a healthy sex ratio, Doon Valley is a preferred choice to choose a boarding school in Dehradun. Let’s discuss the top five reasons to choose Dehradun over other states while shortlisting a boarding school for your children.

  • A boarding school is highly recommended for girls over day schools since it is a home away from home. Being under the vigilance of the wardens and CCTV surveillance at all hours. Girls are extremely safe and secure in a boarding school in Dehradun.
  • Dehradun has some of the most renowned and reputed ICSE and CBSE boarding schools in Dehradun.
  • Students from boarding schools in Dehradun are as fit as a fiddle and really athletic. With lush green hiking sites and beautiful treks, children get to go on beautiful treks and camping trips. That not only gives them a feeling of adventure but also makes them fit.
  • Since Dehradun is the education capital of our country and with the best and most renowned schools. The competition is cut-throat where every school tries to up their game. As a result, schools focus to improvise on their teaching methods and select the best of faculties. With well-equipped classrooms and comfortable hostels to give children the feeling of a comfortable home.

Having discussed the top five reasons, there is little doubt that the best boys’ or top boarding girls’ school in India are located in Dehradun. With less pollution, better air quality and more land space as compared to residential schools in other states. Dehradun is a favourable choice to make with certain benefits.


Tula’s International Dehradun is ranked among the top ten boarding schools in India with an all India rank 8. Also known as the ‘Modern Gurukul’, Tula’s International School is one of the top CBSE boarding schools in Dehradun. With excellent faculty and modern infrastructure, the school is equipped with latest and updated amenities. A co-ed school from standard 5th to 12th, Tula’s International School gives students the freedom to rise and shine by budding the issues in the bud itself. To name a few – gender barriers and other social stigmas. With spacious classrooms, advanced teaching methods, digital learning with high-speed internet and labs installed with the latest equipment, the students are able to understand and grasp better.

Facilities Offered

The school also offers a variety of options to choose from when it comes to sports and extra-curricular activities. The school prepares the students for entrance exams like IIT and JEE with their syllabus without burdening their syllabus. If you wish to see your children get opportunities and have a strong personality, always opt for a boarding school in Dehradun.