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Top 7 Reasons Why Girls Boarding School in India are Important

Generally, most parents have concerns about whether it would be the right choice of sending their kid to a boarding school. For any parent, making any such decision is very crucial as it will ultimately affect their child’s life. The Best Girls boarding school in Dehradun offers its students with exceptional sources of knowledge. Professional teachers, world-class infrastructure, extracurricular activities, and a variety of additional academic amenities are all available. Each student receives individual attention as well as support with their tasks. The school also aids in the development of the child’s leadership and problem-solving abilities.

Tula’s International School is known to be one of the top girls boarding schools Dehradun which offers utmost safety and security to its students. The infrastructure of Tula’s is formulated to manage all aspects of co-education learning and boarding atmosphere. We have a 24×7 top-notch reliable security system with professional and trained security staff who safeguard the campus.

best CBSE Girls Boarding school in India

Below mentioned are the top 7 reasons that say why Girls boarding schools in India are important.

1. Qualified Teachers for Girls’ Education:

The best girls boarding schools in India employ teachers and academics who are well qualified for girls education in the school. Teachers also assist in providing the proper nurturing and encouragement that a girl requires in order to achieve her full potential.

2. Home away from Home:

It’s very important for parents to make their kids realise that they are going to a residential school but at the same time they should also inform them that the school is just a home away from home. We know that nothing can replace the love and warmth of one’s parents, family and friends. But the Best Girls boarding school in Dehradun, TIS aims its best to offer a home-like environment to every child thus making him/her comfortable. Tula’s has caring and empathetic wardens along with other pastoral care staff who take utmost care of children.

3- Offering the best educational and community environment:

Tula’s International School believes in offering the best educational and community development environment to its students. We majorly focus on the requirements and activities of the girls. As they learn and practice all activities in a very comfortable environment.

4- Helping them to achieve high ambitions:

If you plan on sending your girl child to a boarding school like Tula’s International School. we assure you that she will be offered with unlimited opportunities which will help her in fulfilling all her aspirations. Boarding schools ensure to provide girl students with programs and tools. It will help them to go beyond their imagination and expectations. And their faith in her ability which leads them to become a leader of tomorrow.

Top Girls Boarding school in India

5. Ensuring Physical Training:

The top girls boarding schools Dehradun believes in offering the best of physical training to the girl students. TIS offers more than 16 Olympic games including horse riding, gymnastics, swimming, archery and shooting range among others. so that the students can choose what is best for them from a varied range.

6. Encouraging wider Perspective:

The girls boarding school ensure that their girl child gets the right education. To step out of the world and explore it with a wider perspective. This helps them to build a life of their own along with an established career for themselves.

7. Personal & Career Counselling:

Several best girls boarding schools in India show a lot of concern when it comes to students counselling. And value-based education which covers most of the issues concerning teenagers and the challenges they face. Such sessions offer students an opportunity to share their problems, insecurities and difficulties. With trained counsellors who tend to deal with their problems effectively.