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6 Facts That Help You Choose Between Day School and Boarding School

One very important decision that every parent has to take in ensuring that their child gets the best education is the choice of school, and whether it should be day school or boarding school.
For those who are unaware of the difference between the concept of day school and boarding school, here is a quick overview.

What is a Boarding School & Day School?

Boarding school is a residential school where students live on campus in dormitories or resident houses (hostels). They only go home during the vacations. They live under the care of hostel wardens.
Whereas, a day school is where the students attend classes in school and return to their home for everything else. They stay with their family and go to school only for studies.

Boarding school and day school both have their own benefits. These include many factors such as curriculum, administration, fitness, care, and safety, supervision, guidance, facilities etc. Given below is a comparison which helps you in making a well-informed decision.

Here is the list of some factors which can help the parents whether they should go for day school or boarding school:

⇒1. Cost
⇒2. Self-reliance & Confidence
⇒3. Constant Guidance
⇒4. Physical Fitness
⇒5. All round development
⇒6. Safety, care & supervision

1. Cost:

Every parent knows that boarding school is more expensive as compared to the day school, but not many know the reason for the difference between the fees of Day School and  Boarding School.

In a day school, students go to the school only for fixed hours. They attend their classes and go home. But in a boarding school, students spend their entire time on campus, except for their vacations. The cost difference exists due to the provision of facilities like accommodation, meals, health, security measures, school stationery, etc. in a boarding school. While the difference is significant in number, it is a reasonable price for the welfare of the child.

2. Self-reliance & Confidence:

Children who study in a boarding school life in an environment where they perform all the tasks themselves. They learn to fend for themselves because they have to do their own work without waiting for anyone’s help. They solve their daily problems and look after their personal needs, for example, buying their essential items when they run out of them or making sure that their school uniforms are washed and ironed. This leads them to become independent, disciplined and self-reliant. On the other hand, children living at home are helped by the parents and other people, which reduces their workload. They are dependent on other people for a lot of things.

Confidence is an important quality to have if you want to achieve success in life. Children become confident when they discover or invent new things, make new friends, learn new information and get opportunities to explore more. Participating in various activities and appreciation will boost their self-confidence. They become responsible and learn to take care of things on their own. Even when they make mistakes, it serves as a learning experience and they take up new challenges with more confidence.

3. Constant Guidance:

Not every child has the same grasping power. While some students catch up with things easily, other students take more time to understand. Teachers in a day school are available only for a certain period of time and students might not get enough time to clarify their doubts because teachers are available for a certain period of time. Many boarding schools allow students to reach their teachers round the clock as they are always available on campus. Students can get extra help before and after school, at night and during the evening study hall when they can get a better understanding of any subject.

Also, bigger is not always better. Due to the bigger size of classes at a day school, there are chances that the teacher might not be able to help every student. But in a boarding school, there is a less number of students in each class, therefore, students get full attention. Thus, many boarding schools usually have better academic performance as students get more attention from teachers. It is also easier for the teachers to give personal attention to each and every student.

4. Physical Fitness:

Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body, but it is also the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity. In a healthy body resides a healthy mind. Realizing the significance of being healthy, both day schools and boarding schools offer sports as a part of their curriculum. But many boarding schools have an added advantage of paying emphasis on physical fitness. Students spend more time playing various games which leads them to excel in physical fitness. This keeps them physically and mentally sound. Also, participation in sports activities in school helps the students in future college admissions, in adding to their career opportunities as well as in their entire life.

5. All round development:

Gone are the days when academic excellence was the only priority and other things like sports and co-curricular activities were ignored. In today’s time, with increasing competition, children are required to be good in different areas of learning, expression, sports, drama, singing, dancing etc. While day schools also have provision for extracurriculars, due to lack of time students are unable to make the most out of them. But in boarding school students have their own liberty to spend their time on various co-curricular activities through out the day. This gives them a better platform to explore themselves and their talents.

By joining a boarding school, children learn to adjust to new surroundings and come in touch and interact with students of different backgrounds, places and of different behaviors. Students thus learn about new cultures and peaceful coexistence.

Children living in a group have comparatively more creative mindset and abilities. Click here for more details:

They learn to thrive amongst people with varied intellect and interests. They learn many qualities like teamwork, leadership, compassion, self-management, patience, etc. All of these lead to an all-round development of the students.

Studies have also proven that ethics of respecting and appreciating the opposite gender and working with them in harmony are generally developed in boarding schools and hostels.

6. Safety, Care & Supervision:

The safety of the child is one of the biggest concerns of parents. Both day school and boarding school prioritize the safety of the students, but we at Tula’s International School pay extra attention as they have the entire responsibility of the students.
For this most boarding schools take safety and supervision measures that use advanced technology. They employ security personnel in more quantity than normal schools. Usage of 24*7 surveillance cameras in buildings and the system of attendance in hostels makes the students and parents feel safe.

With so many advantages and opportunities being available, boarding school is perhaps the better choice for parents as well as their children, which is also why many parents are exploring for options in boarding schools.

Children in a boarding school are bound to join an educational community and grow in it. This shapes their personality in a good way. Studying, living and interacting on campus also helps them to avoid any negative influence from outside. Compared to day schools, boarding schools offer a more inclusive approach to education.

Boarding schools like Tula’s International also known as the follow the ancient art of schooling where the overall development of the child’s personality is kept in focus.