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Best CBSE Boarding School in India

Importance of Field Trips for Children Education

Educational excursions or Importance of Field Trips conducted by several best CBSE Girls Boarding school in India offer children first hand learning experience where they come across with ample of educational enrichment. Field trips are undoubtedly one of the best ways to promote team spirit over several fun filled knowledgeable activities. It is very important to learn things practically and what better way than taking them to different educational trips.

In order to hold field trips, the Best Girls boarding school in Dehradun needs to put in a lot of planning and coordination. But the outcome of so much of hard work results in positive enrichment, curriculum expansion, strengthening of observation skills, subject wise knowledge expansion along with raising awareness among students.

Best Boarding School in India | Importance of Field Trips

Every school curriculum should inculcate field trips as a part of their curriculum. The modern day schools give ample importance to that and thus organise field trips after regular intervals. These field trips also benefit the teachers by making them come across several new things. Such tours encourage the strengthening of bond between teachers and the students. Field trips also help in improving children’s social and interactive skills. Taking part in field trips is one of the best ways to make learning fun for children outside the classrooms. They rather they also help in allowing them to learn, absorb and experience the things practically.

Let’s have a look at some of the important benefits of field trips:

  • When the Top girls boarding school Uttarakhand conducts an educational trip the students are believed to gain practical knowledge of the subject. Such visual and practical experience allow students to remember, learn and understand subjects for their lifetime.
  • Field trips help strengthen classroom materials and bring classroom lessons to life. Such trips provide students with the opportunity to visualise, experience and discuss information.

Best Boarding School in India | Importance of Field Trips

  • Going on educational tours offer students an extraordinary cultural learning experience.
  • These field trips incite the evolution of moral, personal, social and study skills. They often develop leadership qualities and motivate them to perform better.

Interactive Learning offered by best CBSE Girls Boarding school in India


When students visit any museum, monument or ecological park as a part of their educational tour, they tend to experience a real life learning which one cannot learn in books. In such kind of field trips, students experience goes beyond reading theories; students are able to see it, participate in it physically and experience the overall thing. Field trips, mainly for higher class students, can answer the question of how learning can be applied in life. There are ample chances to put together the excursion experience back into the classroom. Best Co-ed Boarding School in India | Importance of Field Trips

Best Girls boarding school in Dehradun offers Social Interaction

Field trips offer a unique leaning social environment to the students. It becomes a different social environment for students apart from their school. They come across new people and children from other schools during several field trips which allow them to behave in different atmospheres. Thus they involve themselves in a more self-controlled manner as they enter into a new setting altogether. It encourages a sense of teamwork and community among the students as they experience a field trip together. A lot of children do not get the chance to experience several educational places with their friends and families. Top girls boarding school Uttarakhand offers students the opportunity to experience new places. While field trips take a great amount of handwork and energy, widening the outlook of the students is worth it.