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How to find the Best Coed Residential Schools in India?

With slogans like “Desh Badal Raha Hai” and “Padhega India Tabhi To Badhega India”, education has become a very important aspect of a nation’s growth. In the 21st century, both girls and boys are to have equal access to education.  There is a massive increase in the number of schools in the last decade. While some are day schools, there are many esteemed and reputed residential schools in India. It is always better to enrol children in a co-ed school so that they learn to communicate with each other at a tender age in a healthy environment and learn to respect one another. This helps them to overcome barriers like hesitation and gender superiority. The best Coed Residential Schools in India are situated in Dehradun. While searching for the best co-ed school in India, here are some points that you should keep in mind:

1. Fee Structure:

Dehradun is the abode of many esteemed boarding schools and day schools. Cradled in the lap of the Himalayas, Dehradun offers a favourable climate and a budget-friendly cost of living. Unlike the metropolitan cities that can burn a big hole in your pocket. The fee structure even in the best of co-ed schools in Dehradun is within the budget of people. And doesn’t take a toll on their finances due to which many parents prefer to enrol their children in Dehradun. Tula’s International School Dehradun is a co-ed residential school in India that attracts students from various parts of the country for its reputation and the facilities that it offers the students.

2. Safety:

The most important criterion before finalising India’s best co-ed boarding residential school is to see how safe the school is. Generally, parents think that co-ed schools are not very safe for girls but it is not so. Tula’s International Dehradun is a co-ed school with separate hostels for boys and girls. The 22-acre campus is always under the vigilance of high-tech security alarms with 24-hour CCTV surveillance. And leaves no stone unturned in ensuring that there is no breach in the security of the students.

3. Academics:

It is important to note what board is the school affiliated to. It is preferable to opt for a CBSE board because it has a lower burden of studies compared to ICSE board. Tula’s International School, one of the best co-ed residential schools in India is affiliated to the CBSE board with excellent teachers on board. They prepare the students for their entrance exams like IIT and JEE in their senior school so that the children get more time to study on the same. The board results of Tula’s International School every year is prolific where every student passes their board class with flying colours.

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4. Methods of Teaching:

Before finalising India’s best co-ed boarding residential school, we must see what education methods do they teach. Digital learning is the best way for students to grasp their concepts. Tula’s International School is the Modern Gurukul where the students learn old subjects and theory with advanced learning methods. The high-speed WIFI helps to learn quicker and faster. The library is stocked with more than 20000 books and both the computer and the science laboratories are well-equipped.

5. Pastoral Care:

A good co-ed residential school in India must offer excellent pastoral care. Tula’s International School has wardens, housemasters, ayahs and counsellors on board that help children feel home away from home. These wardens help students in the hostel with their regular chores. And ensuring that they’re well-fed and wake up and sleep on time while the counsellors help them resolve emotional conflicts if they have any.

6. Physical Fitness:

While choosing India’s best co-ed boarding residential school, it is important to see whether the school promotes sports as an important part of the curriculum or not. Tula’s International School is a well-reputed co-ed residential school in India that offers a home away from home to students. With comfortable hostels constructed with state-of-the-art amenities, life at Tula’s International is extremely comfortable. The children enjoy four meals a day with all the necessary nutrients to keep them hale and hearty. In case of any medical emergency, there is an ambulance too. The school has a salon where children get regular haircuts and trimming to look neat and clean. A student from Tula’s International School looks well-groomed with attributes like discipline, punctual, responsible and self-dependent.